Just forget about iPhone pairing, the Apple Watch may soon pair itself with multiple…

Just forget about iPhone pairing, the Apple Watch may soon pair itself with multiple…


apple inc AAPL Users may soon be able to connect their smartwatch to multiple devices.

What happened: A Twitter User bearing the name Analyst941 A leak on the platform said Apple intends to change the pairing process, allowing its smartwatch users to sync the device with multiple devices like iPhones, iPads and Macs, rather than being limited to a single smartphone.

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The market leader admits that it is not sure about the implementation of this change and says that it does not know if this feature will be included this year’s release of watchOS 10, iOS 17iPadOS 17 and macOS 14 or postponed to 2024.

It is important to note that the unknown informant, while correct, disclosed information about the Dynamic Island Feature of the iPhone 14 Pro before its announcement last year, their history of rumors is not extensive, which casts doubt on the accuracy of their recent disclosures, written down MacRumors.

Why it matters: Currently, the Apple Watch can only be paired with a single iPhone. While linking multiple Apple Watch versions to the same iPhone is possible, Apple doesn’t offer functionality to pair or sync Apple Watches with other devices within its ecosystem.

After pairing with an iPhone, the Apple Watch can work with an iPad signed in with the same Apple ID to track Apple Fitness+ workouts on the iPad’s display, the report said.

In addition, Mac users can use their Apple Watch to unlock their computer, validate applications, access passwords, and authorize Apple Pay online transactions, but these are the only exceptions.

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