Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister calls Biden ‘too miscalculated’ and…

Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister calls Biden ‘too miscalculated’ and…


Kim Jong Un’His powerful sister beat the US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol‘S Nuclear Deterrence Agreement.

What happened: Kim Yo Jong said North Korea will hold additional military demonstrations in response to the US-South Korea plan Station nuclear weapons in Seoul to deter Pyongyangreported the state media KCNA.

Kim called Biden’s remarks – in which the US leader said the North Korean regime would cease to exist if the country’s leadership launched a nuclear attack on Washington or its allies – as a “nonsensical remark by a person his age.”

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She added that Biden was “underestimated and irresponsibly brave”.

“It can be seen as a nonsensical remark from someone his age who is completely incapable of taking responsibility for the security and future of the United States, an old man with no future because serving is too much for him the two-year remainder of his term of office.”

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Why it matters: At a meeting held in Washington on Wednesday, the two allies – the United States and South Korea – reached a series of strategic agreements on “enhanced deterrence” against North Korea’s unprecedented missile tests.

The Biden administration’s new nuclear deterrent effort envisages regular docking of US nuclear submarines in South Korea for the first time in decades.

A Chinese expert also warned of this Washington and Seoul’s decision could trigger another nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, and they should take full responsibility for the consequences.

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