Melanie Stone, Casey Elliott, and Brian Krause to star in ‘Retreat to Paradise’

Melanie Stone, Casey Elliott, and Brian Krause to star in ‘Retreat to Paradise’


Casey Elliott and Melanie Stone in ‘Retreat to Paradise.’ Photo Courtesy of GAC Media

Actors Melanie Stone, Casey Elliott, and Brian Krause will star in the new original GAC Family film “Retreat to Paradise.”

It will premiere on Saturday, August 20 at 8 pm EST. Great American Family is America’s family-friendly destination for holiday movies and seasonal romantic comedies.

“Retreat to Paradise” is the first film in Great American Family’s new movie Saturday Nights’ programming event. It premieres all new movies every Saturday night beginning on August 20 through October 21. G

Great American Family previously announced the network’s highly anticipated holiday extravaganza, “Great American Christmas,” returns on October 28 with all-new original Christmas movies and holiday content.

Synopsis of ‘Retreat to Paradise’

In “Retreat to Paradise,” Ellie Vaughn (Melanie Stone) tends to cantankerous and injured international tennis star Jordan Greer (Casey Elliott) as he heals from a potentially career-ending shoulder injury.

Jordan’s fear of being in even more pain and his lack of motivation has Ellie desiring to leave him in his misery, although longtime coach Neal (Brian Krause) is not ready to throw in the towel on the idea that Jordan will recover and return to the courts.

Little by little, Jordan comes to realize Ellie is exactly who he needs in his life at this moment, and he hopes that she will feel the same way.

“Retreat to Paradise” is executive produced by Brian Brough, Steven A. Lee, and Brittany Wiscombe. The film is directed by Brian Brough from an original screenplay by Brittany Wiscombe.


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