New Procolour UV DTF printer helps improve local small print…

New Procolour UV DTF printer helps improve local small print…


Printing is an art form that can transform any packaging into something desirable. The global commercial printing market is reported to reach an impressive $750.1 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow to $796 billion over the next 5 years by 2027.

Although the future looks bright for the printing industry, it is a rapidly evolving market. Therefore, it is imperative for any printing business to keep abreast of the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the printing industry in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Changing the printing process for customization

Technological advances and the sheer demand for custom packaging and printing are driving massive changes in the industry. Post Covid the market is more focused on local supply chains. The more agile print service providers can be, the better they will adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

Against the background of the Industry 4.0 era, customer-centric personalized manufacturing is gradually becoming the focus of various manufacturers. Although customer needs are fragmented and non-standard in many ways under the personalized manufacturing model, an appropriate printing process that responds to customer-specific needs helps companies be more efficient. Using the right tools and product design processes helps printers meet the customization needs of modern customers.

While screen printing is a traditional printing process widely used in industry, it is more suited to large jobs. For small business owners, adopting a versatile digital printing process such as custom UV printing or UV DTF (direct-to-film) printing would be more cost-effective.

UV DTF Printing – Print on any object.

New to UV DTF printing? Simply put, this is an improved version of UV printing. With this technology we can print on almost any material or object, including the irregular surface shapes of the hard material. Unlike the traditional…

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