NY Biotech Receives International IP Coverage for Growing Portfolio of…

NY Biotech Receives International IP Coverage for Growing Portfolio of…


Biotech platform for therapeutics based in New York Terran Life Sciences has published a new World International Patent Organization (WIPO) application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to protect its novel non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogens inspired by DMT and ibogaine with improved drug profiles.

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While first generation DMT has shown positive results in treating depression and ibogaine for treating depression substance use disorders (SUDs) Terran’s next-generation compounds have demonstrated more favorable pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles in the preclinical phase in relation to receptor binding (in vitro studies) and non-induction of behaviors associated with human hallucinations (animal model studies).

The innovative chemistry and design of the DMT-based compounds are detailed in the “N-Substituted Indolines”. Applicationand those of the ibogaine-based entities are found in the “Azepino-Indoles for the Treatment of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders”. Application.

Terran CEO Dr. Sam Clark the company says that a drug that possesses the benefits of psychedelics without causing hallucinations “might offer the most favorable usage profile to allow for widespread use.”

While several other companies are working on the development of non-hallucinogenic psychedelic-inspired compounds, most recently seen in the filing of yet another international patent that a new class of non-tryptamines Terran has published additional PCT filings for novel prodrugs based on MDMA and 5-MeO-DMT earlier this year.

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