Ray Dalio Confused About Bitcoin Vs. Microsoft Popularity

Ray Dalio Confused About Bitcoin Vs. Microsoft Popularity


Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has spoken out about the attention he has been given Bitcoin BTC/USDdespite its smaller market cap compared to the tech giant microsoft corp MSFT.

What happened: In an interview with the former model-turned-podcaster Chris Williamson On Wednesday, Dalio expressed his confusion at the popularity of the Apex cryptocurrency, saying, “Who knows, maybe there’s an element I don’t understand.

Commenting on the discrepancy between Bitcoin and Microsoft market caps, Dalio questioned why the Apex cryptocurrency is getting more attention. He explained, “Its size is about 30% the size of Microsoft, and Microsoft is one stock among many stocks. [But] much more attention is paid.”

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Why it matters: While admitting to holding “a bit” of bitcoin, Dalio voiced his preference for gold as an investment asset due to its status as the third-highest reserve asset among central banks, behind the dollar and the euro. He emphasized the timelessness and universality of the precious metal as key factors in his investment strategy.

However, Dalio acknowledged that bitcoin offers certain advantages that gold cannot offer, including transaction tracking and “being disliked by the government.” Despite this, he remains cautious and keeps his BTC allocation low to mitigate potential downside risk.

Throughout the interview, Dalio emphasized the importance of prudent investment strategies and recommended not over-investing in volatile assets like Bitcoin. “I don’t think much of Bitcoin,” he explained, advising listeners to approach the asset with caution.

Price promotion: At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $28,996, up 2.30% over the past 24 hours. according to Benzinga Pro.

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