RealBOKS Gifts Introduces New BOKS Plus Benefit for Agents

RealBOKS Gifts Introduces New BOKS Plus Benefit for Agents


SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2022 / Officially launching in 2020, the makers behind RealBOKS draw on decades of experience in the arts and crafts and position themselves as true gifting experts. The company’s primary focus is real estate agents and agents who want to nurture long-term relationships with their clients, but the act of gratitude goes well beyond a simple gesture. They recently launched BOKS Plus, an extension of their existing menu that offers ample opportunity for self-expression and brand building, taking the art of gift giving one step further. With RealBOKS in the driver’s seat, your next exchange with a client or friend will be the easiest, most breezy experience imaginable.

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For many professionals, the deal doesn’t end on the dotted line. Indeed, for the chosen few who truly excel in their field, it marks the beginning of a fruitful alliance cemented by mutual respect and appreciation. At its core, RealBOKS emphasizes the importance of a parting gift, or the small touches that make a lasting impression. In the real estate industry, it is common for an agent to offer a final thank you to clients, typically in the form of a housewarming gift or a customized arrangement. This small but powerful act of compassion runs deep in the industry, and while it still has the same reputation as ever, some agents break a sweat trying to secure a last-minute token of gratitude and tarnish the essence of giving .

RealBOKS has perfected the art of giving thanks in just two short years in rotation, although the creative minds behind the company traversed unique terrain long before founding their passion project. RealBOKS co-founder Shauna Morrissey and Joe Potier both come from different artistic mediums that have shaped their approach to creative craftsmanship. Both Morrissey and Potier are West Coast natives and in 2019 they have the brave…


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