Seener adopts global development strategy driven by strong market…

Seener adopts global development strategy driven by strong market…


Since 2021, Seener has been collaborating with major exchanges and has achieved global market strategy consensus with Binance, FTX and Coinbase and has performed automated quantitative trading and user asset management through these platforms. This will allow Seener to enter the Metaverse.

In response to the global digital asset advertising strategy, Seener is actively seeking out trade-restricted regions and countries to offer them digital asset services and trade processing support. Seener has been involved in the global research and promotion of digital currencies since 2020, and also provides digital asset trading services to global small and medium-sized businesses. The outbreak of the pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian war caused large numbers of unemployment and poverty. The low exchange rate and banking restrictions have greatly increased private demand for international trade and financial settlement.

Seener applies a global development strategy driven by strong market expansion

The Seener team has not only won the support of a large group of users this year, but also attracted a large number of support and offspring from top financial institutions such as Singapore and Wall Street. After many outstanding talents joined the team, Seener proposed a marketing plan to build a global AI quantitative trading services platform.

In addition to providing financial services and additional sources of income to people around the world, Seener actively brings together various international investment institutions to engage in issues such as poverty alleviation, employment and investment. Under the influence of this measure, global WEB3 transactions increased by almost 80% in the second and third quarters of 2022, despite the global market decline. In the future, with the support of Seener, more and more people around the world will participate in the WEB3 Digital Economy, Metaverse Ecology and other Digital Asset Application Ecologies.

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