Shaanxi’s Planet of Fantasy online event ended successfully and won…

Shaanxi’s Planet of Fantasy online event ended successfully and won…


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Shaanxi-Shaanxi Province held from 11th until 19th July to further introduce Shaanxi’s unique natural and cultural landscapes. Fans participated in the event by following the “Visit Shaanxi” home pages on the above platforms. With Star Travel spaceship tickets issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Shaanxi Province, numerous overseas travelers have appreciated Shaanxi’s unique, wondrous natural beauty.

The wondrous geographic landscapes created by nature’s superb craftsmanship on the vast land of Shaanxi willfully display their extraordinary beauty. The red sandstone, green grassland and white waterfall contrast the beauty like asteroids spread out on the ground.

Invitation to the online event

There were three stops at the Planet of Fantasy event. Shaanxi’s natural beauty was revealed to fans through amazing photos. With a video at the end, the event demonstrated Shaanxi’s “foreign” charm.

Jingbian Wave Valley and the Golden Hukou Falls

The first station was Mars in the Dream – Jingbian Wave Valley. Layers upon layers of red sandstone form the undulating, dynamic Danxia landform, which has a mysterious power to freeze time like the oddly enchanting Mars.

The second stop was the Guanshan Grassland where you can see the Milky Way. During the day it is boundless grassland. At night the Milky Way rests here. Travelers can lie down in the arms of the meadow while enjoying the glorious starry night and feeling like they are floating in space.

The third stop was Hukou Waterfall with the Moon experience limited time ticket. Stand next to the spray of the Peach Blossom Flood waterfall at night and look up into the…


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