Sofi New Product Winner 2023 Comá Gourmet Foods wins Sofi New Product…

Sofi New Product Winner 2023 Comá Gourmet Foods wins Sofi New Product…


Xoconostle spread (choko-nose-leh) competes for sofi™ new product of the year at Summer Fancy Food Show 2023

San Francisco, CA May 13, 2023 –(– Xoconostle Spread (choko-nose-leh) was named the winner of the sofi™ New Product Award 2023 in the category of fruit spreads, jams and jellies. Presented annually since 1972, the Specialty Food Association (SFA) sofi™ Awards is one of the highest honors in the $175 billion specialty food industry.

The 2023 sofi™ Awards recognized a New Product Winner and a Gold Product Winner in each of the 53 specialty food and beverage product categories. Products were judged on taste – including aroma, appearance, texture and aroma – as well as ingredient quality and innovation. Almost 2,000 products from national and international manufacturers were submitted for the 2023 competition.

“We are delighted and truly honored that our beloved Xoconostle (Choko-Nose-Leh) spread has won a sofi™ New Product Award,” said Daniela Rubio and Patricia de los Santos, owners of Comá Gourmet Foods, a Latin American Minority-owned company based in San Francisco. “Our jam/spread as a tribute to the Mexican cactus. It is the wild sour prickly pear. It contains no sugar and uses agave syrup instead. This spread has a lovely pear tone with a fruity scent and a refreshing, tart citrus flavor. As entrepreneurs we want to know that we are creating the best possible product for our customers and this award is one of the ultimate seals of approval.” Our beloved Xoconostle Spread is available online at Weee!, Etsy and in our personal D2C shop. Additionally, several independent retailers are now selling it throughout California (San Francisco, Los Altos, Los Angeles, San Diego), Oregon, and Colorado.

The Xoconostle Spread will now compete against other category winners for the 2023 sofi™ New Product of the Year Award, which will be selected and announced at the Summer Fancy Food Show, June 25-27 in New York.


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