Team Biden aims to de-risk Xi Jinping’s China

Team Biden aims to de-risk Xi Jinping’s China


president Joe Biden‘s administration is work to “reduce risk” not “decouple” Xi Jinpingis Chinathe US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan called.

What happened: Sullivan, during a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, pointed out that the US is more closely aligned with the European Union on China, arguing that the government is industrial Strategy is crucial to compete with your geopolitical rival.

“We joined key European leaders to say we are for risk mitigation, not decoupling.”

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“Risk mitigation basically means having resilient, effective supply chains and making sure we’re not under coercion from another country,” Sullivan said. reported Bloomberg.

Sullivan said the US wants to ensure its economy always has access to the resources it needs. regardless of events such as a global pandemic or war. He added that export controls are particularly targeting the technology that could potentially shift the military balance against the US, rather than cutting off trade entirely, he said.

“These are tailor-made measures.”

“They are not a technology blockade, as Beijing says. They are not targeting emerging markets.”

Why it matters: A few weeks ago, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenprior to her China trip, voiced the same ideas in a keynote address in Brussels. Ursula went to Beijing with the French President Emmanuel Macron to deliver Europe’s message directly to Chinese President Xi. In her speech, she also emphasized the “de-risking” approach, which consists of reducing Europe’s dependence on China for key minerals and restricting trade in sensitive technologies such as artificial intelligence, microchips and quantum computers.

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