Tesla FSD Beta Rollout Reportedly Resumes After NHTSA-Initiated Pause…

Tesla FSD Beta Rollout Reportedly Resumes After NHTSA-Initiated Pause…


Giant for electric vehicles Tesla Inc TSLA has reportedly resumed rolling out its Full Self-Driving Beta software to new testers. This comes after a temporary hiatus in February.

What happened: Tesla had halted the rollout of FSD Beta for new testers following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalls 362,758 vehicles are affected equipped with the software.

NHTSA expressed concerns that the software could lead to unsafe behavior at intersections and inadequate responses to changes in advertised speed limits. The recall affected certain models such as the 2016-2023 Model S, the Model X, the 2017-2023 Model 3, and the 2020-2023 Model Y.

However, with the release of FSD Beta 11.3.6 on Monday night, Tesla has resumed accepting new testers reported by Drive Tesla.

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Why it matters: This was announced by Tesla boss Elon Musk Fully Self-Propelled Beta 11.4.2 would begin introductions over the weekend. This latest update aims to address concerns about being “overly conservative” on narrow roads and changing lanes in heavy traffic.

Earlier this month, Musk also stated that Tesla would make an offer at some point Complete Free Trial of Autonomous Driving Once the FSD system achieves a high level of smoothness and not just safety. He went on to emphasize that even among Tesla owners, awareness of FSD capability is “staggeringly low.”

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