The Flaming Lips, Eric Andre & Reggie Watts and many more at MAPS 2023…

The Flaming Lips, Eric Andre & Reggie Watts and many more at MAPS 2023…


CARDS’ Psychedelic Science 2023 takes place this June in Denver. The show is hosted by Netflix producers NFLX “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics,” Good Trip Studios and AEG Presents Rocky Mountains, features appearances by comedians Eric Andre and Reggie Watts with live music by The Flaming Lips, on June 22nd.

The experience, titled Have a Good Trip, also includes the immersive Fascinated By Everything’s Psychedelic Mixtape Live from producer, composer and remixer DJ Chris Holmes and other special guests.

A portion of the show’s proceeds go to MAPS to further psychedelic research, reform and education. Advance ticket sales will be available to registered conference attendees from May 18th and general ticket sales will be offered from May 19th.

With 10,000 participants and counting, Psychedelic Science will feature panels, workshops and presentations from leaders and visionaries from the fields of psychedelic research, education, politics, business, culture and communities.

Keynote speakers include NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers; author and journalist Michael Pollan; US Olympian Sasha Cohen; John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods; the famous mycologist Paul Stamets; musician Melissa Etheridge; dr Julie Holland; neuroscientist Carl Hart and bestselling author Wade Davis.

The conference will also feature speakers from the FDA, a leader of the Yawanawa tribe, Matthew Baggott, CEO of Tactogen, and Lucy Walker, co-director of How to Change Your Mind, as well as state-level representatives working on psychedelics reform bills and Liana, MAPS Strategic Initiatives Officer, will be guests Gillooly and his Director of Policy and Advocacy Ismail L. Ali told clear messages.

Conversations will cover topics such as drug policy activism and reform, educational content for practitioners, entheogenic churches, climate activism, and the connection between diverse American tribes.

Meanwhile, the Deep Space interactive art space will function as a “festival-like environment within the conference” or…


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