The wait is finally over! ADA Demon Announces Private Seed Sale of…

The wait is finally over! ADA Demon Announces Private Seed Sale of…


The play-to-earn gaming industry has seen a significant increase in both revenue and the number of projects launched. And if you were to make a list of the most successful, ADA Demon sits comfortably at the top. It can be attributed to several factors, but the main contributors to ADA Demon’s meteoric rise are its exciting and immersive gameplay and its highly profitable native token $AGONY. With the launch of the Private Seed Sale, ADA Demon is now one step closer to its goal.

Users can buy $AGONY with $ADA during the Private Seed Sale, and the current exchange rate between the two is fixed at 1 $ADA = 300 $AGONY tokens. However, users can currently only purchase $AGONY tokens with a maximum of $35000 ADA and a minimum of 300 $ADA to ensure everyone has a fair chance to invest in the future of cryptocurrency. Also, the soft cap and hard cap are fixed at $400,000 ADA and $500,000 ADA, respectively.

Keep in mind that this is the lowest price ever for $AGONY and it will increase significantly once the token is listed on exchanges. Be an early investor and get maximum ROI!

All about $AGONY, the native token

The $AGONY token acts as both an in-game utility and a profitable investment option. There are different levels in ADA Demon where you have to defeat dreaded monsters and this requires special weapons that can be bought with $AGONY on the marketplace. Apart from that, there are several other items that you can acquire while playing ADA Demon and exchange them for $AGONY.

As for the $AGONY token itself, the total number is capped at 5,000,000,000, with 10% of that, i.e. 500,000,000, available for investment during the Private Seed Sale. Another 10% of the total offering is reserved for marketing the platform to ensure long-term growth in terms of both user base and revenue.

Benefits of investing in $AGONY

$AGONY is way ahead of its time, and it’s pretty obvious when you look at the different protocols used or the…

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