Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, USA – 09/25/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Located in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program was recently reviewed the impact social media can have on teenagers. With the increasing popularity of social media for all ages, this has become a concern for numerous parents as it can affect their mental health.

The Trails Carolina team examined some of the main problems of being online. There is a wide variety of content that can create challenges, from direct discussions with another teen to inappropriate content. Constant exposure of 40 hours a week or even more to social media means teens can’t avoid all falls.

The post describes how social media can paint an unrealistic picture for teenagers. In most cases, people post highlights of their lives on their pages, and when a person sees only the highs, it is difficult to understand that everyone goes through lows from time to time.

There’s also the fear of missing out, not enjoying life enough, and more. This can leave teenagers isolated when they feel they are not achieving the same success as others.

Parents reading the article get tips on building healthy relationships for their teens through social media. While getting teenagers to follow parents’ suggestions can be difficult, simple steps can go a long way in making a difference.

Parents can intervene and make changes on social media, e.g. B. Stop following unhealthy accounts, encourage real connections with others, pay close attention to what they share, and reduce screen time.

That Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program has helped many teenagers who were having challenging issues due to social media. Students progressing through their program can build friendships and help each other with personal challenges. This allows students to see that they are not the only ones facing exams.

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