Trump supporter Bolduc says Biden is ‘legitimate president of our…

Trump supporter Bolduc says Biden is ‘legitimate president of our…


Don Bolducwho previously endorsed former presidents Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election has reportedly changed his mind.

What happened: The New Hampshire senator candidate said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that the election wasn’t stolen, and I want to be final on this,” Bolduc said in an interview with Fox News. reported Reuters.

Bolduc also recognized this president Joe Biden was legitimately elected.

“Elections have consequences. And unfortunately, President Biden is the legitimate President of this country.”

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Why it matters: The former US Army brigadier general reportedly won a narrow victory in the Republican primary just a day ago.

During the primary, Bolduc said he believes Trump’s false claims that the former US leader won the 2020 election, according to Reuters.

Bolduc now faces Sen. Maggie Hasan (DN.H.) in the Nov. 8 midterm elections, the report said.

The far-right Republican also reportedly brought about the abolition of the Federal Office of Investigations after raiding Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump recently abused Raids on his allies by the FBI on Truth Social. He said, “We are now officially living in an armed police state.”

Truth Social is part of Trump media and technology group (TMTG), a company set to go public through a merger Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC.

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