Turbo Token: How ChatGPT Created an Explosive Meme Coin

Turbo Token: How ChatGPT Created an Explosive Meme Coin


The The meme coin market is buzzing with excitement following the AI ​​assisted turbo TURBO/USD The rise of the meme coin to a market cap of over $30 million in its first week.

In April, Rhett humanitya digital artist, took to Twitter reveal how he used ChatGPT and a budget of $69 to conceive a meme coin capable of outperforming its competitors and earning a position in CoinGecko’s Top 300, Cryptoslate reported.

In a YouTube Video Last week, Mankind shared that ChatGPT played a big role in choosing the meme coins’ name, branding, and smart contract code. After a conducted Twitter poll, TurboToad emerged as the top name of choice generated by the chatbot. Mankind then enlisted Midjourney’s help to design the mascot.

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As Mankind noted on Twitter, ChatGPT took responsibility for formulating the project’s tokenomics and whitepaper. The paper highlighted issues such as zero taxes, a canceled contract, no pre-sales and an anti-whale provision.

Though Mankind admitted he encountered challenges using ChatGPT to develop a smart contract, the AI ​​tool ultimately produced code that was tested and verified by a handful of followers. The code was then implemented, he said.

While the project’s DEX launch initially faced obstacles as bots cornered most of the liquidity pool, ChatGPT offered several ways to push the project forward, including crowdfunding, social media campaigns, and airdrops, Mankind said.

Turbo eventually debuted with a token offering of 69 billion, with 60 billion being publicly allocated while humanity kept the rest.

Crypto exchanges rely on turbo

The successful launch of TURBO has caught the attention of several crypto influencers and generated increased interest.

The project maintains an impressive social media presence with over 10,000 Twitter followers and an active Discord…


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