Turkey rejects reports of President Erdogan’s heart attack

Turkey rejects reports of President Erdogan’s heart attack


Turkey’s Anti-Misinformation Agency refuted reports by this president on Thursday Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sick in the middle the country’s upcoming elections.

What happened: After local media reports said Erdogan had suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized, the Turkish Communications Directorate denied all reports.

“The claims shared on some social media accounts that ‘President Erdoğan had a heart attack and was hospitalized’ do not reflect the truth,” it said.

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The Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Erkan Kandemir told Turkey’s pro-government and Erdogan-friendly newspaper Daily Sabah said that after canceling Wednesday’s meetings, Erdogan has now also canceled his program for Thursday. He will virtually participate in the first fuel delivery for the Akkuyu nuclear power plant from his office in Ankara.

Vice President of Türkiye Fuat Oktay also dismissed claims that the president’s health condition was serious. “The President’s health is really good. We are in constant contact with him,” said Oktay, adding: “Erdogan will continue to carry out his duties.”

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Why it matters: Erdogan said on Wednesday he would rest every day after contracting a gastrointestinal virus. He said all planned activities for the day had been canceled because of this.

“I will rest as directed by the doctor. Vice President Fuat Oktay will take part in my programs scheduled for today,” Erdogan said in a Twitter post.

The presidential elections in Turkey are scheduled to take place on May 14 together with the parliamentary vote. Erdogan faces the biggest challenge of his 20-year tenure after his popularity eroded during a livelihood crisis. The Middle Eastern nation is struggling with this rising inflation and staggers from twin earthquakes that hit 50,000…


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