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US government says no to Ukraine’s demand for advanced drones: report…

  • That biden The US government has denied Ukraine advanced drones despite months of scrutinized objections, reflecting limitations on the weapons Washington is willing to provide for Ukraine’s defense.
  • The Pentagon said deploying the Gray Eagle MQ-1C drones could exacerbate the conflict, signaling Moscow that the US could deliver weapons that could attack positions inside Russia, The Wall Street Journal reported quote US officials and others familiar with the decision.
  • US officials also fear, though not a key part of the decision, that the technology used in the drones could be tracked on the battlefield.
  • Members of Congress have urged the government to give Ukraine medium-altitude armed drones that can fly over 24 hours.
  • The decision came as Russia announced it would withdraw its troops from Kherson and the surrounding areas in what could be one of its biggest withdrawals since its invasion in February. But Ukrainian officials warned that the move was a bluff.
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