NEWARK, NJ, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has continued its climb in US News & World Report’s annual ranking of colleges and universities by being ranked in the top 100 national universities for 2023 NJIT, which now ranks 97th nationally, has climbed 21 spots over the past two years.

The ranking, released September 12, 2022, also ranks NJIT #42 on the publication’s list of top public schools – four spots up from last year – and one of the top 100 national universities for social mobility. Academically, NJIT has been included in the lists of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, Computer Science Programs, and Business Programs, and Best Colleges for Veterans.

In New Jersey, US News ranks NJIT as a #2 public university and #4 overall

The US News & World Report reviewed 1,500 institutions that award undergraduate degrees against 17 measures of academic quality and teaching resources, including graduation and retention rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, reputation ratings from peers and academic advisors, financial resources, alumni donation rate, and expert opinion.

NJIT President Teik C. Lim noted that the US News & World Report findings demonstrate the strength of NJIT’s strategic vision and goals.

“Joining the top 100 in US News’ ranking of national universities and 42nd among public colleges is significant and follows Forbes’ designation as the #1 public university in New Jersey and #28 in the nation.” said NJIT President Teik C. Lim. “Most importantly, the reason for the NJIT’s rise in the rankings and its reputation growth is the success of our students and alumni in their academic and professional careers.”

NJIT routinely ranks highly in rankings that measure value and return on investment, an ever-increasing consideration among students and parents. The Princeton Review ranks NJIT #33 nationally for value, and the university is among the top…


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