Vladimir Putin steps up naval action against US to defend Russia’s ‘national…

Vladimir Putin steps up naval action against US to defend Russia’s ‘national…


Russian President Wladimir Putin signed a new naval doctrine on Sunday that made the US his country’s main competitor.

What happened: The 55-page doctrine signed by Putin on the country’s Navy Day lays out Russia’s global ambitions as a “major sea power” for crucial areas like the Arctic and Black Sea, Reuters reported.

The doctrine states that the main threat to Russia is “US strategic policy of dominating the world’s oceans” and the movement of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) military alliance closer to its borders.

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It added that Russia could use its military might according to the situation in the world’s oceans when other soft powers such as diplomatic and economic tools are exhausted.

“Guided by this doctrine, the Russian Federation will firmly and resolutely defend its national interests in the world’s seas, and sufficient sea power will guarantee its safety and protection,” the document said.

Speeches occasionally in the former imperial capital of St. Petersburg, founded by Tsar Peter the Great, Putin praised the former emperor of all Russians for turning the country into a major sea power and boosting the state’s global standing.

Putin added that Russia has the military clout to defeat any potential aggressor.

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