YouTuber creates stunning short films using ChatGPT and other AI tools

YouTuber creates stunning short films using ChatGPT and other AI tools


Get ready to witness the ultimate blend of sci-fi and artificial intelligence as we explore how to use AI-powered tools to create a short film that will have Hollywood reaching for the next big thing.

What happened: Tech YouTuber Matt Wolfe has caused a stir with his latest video showing the power of AI-powered tools such as ChatGPT by OpenAI And Occasionally.

In the video, Wolfe demonstrates how he used a combination of eight different AI platforms to create a short sci-fi film from start to finish, with the exception of the editing process.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Wolfe used AI alone to create a unique, creative film full of possibilities:

Step I: Create a Script – ChatGPT

Wolfe wanted to create a documentary-style short film with no dialogue. He inserted a command prompt chatGPT-4 to write a screenplay for a 60-90 second film about “an AI robot saving civilization”.

Step II: Detailed List of Recordings – ChatGPT

While GPT-4 provided instructive shot descriptions in response to the initial response, Wolfe asked for more detailed information about the objects or people contained in each shot, which helped him with the next steps.

Step III: Make Videos – Runway Gen 2

Runway Gen 2 is currently available in closed beta, but Wolfe used it extensively to create videos by including shot descriptions generated by chatGPT. While it worked well, Wolfe had to try some descriptions multiple times to get the right result.

Step IV: Stills – Midway

For some reason, Runway Gen 2 didn’t return a result for a humanoid robot on some sort of “operating table,” so Wolfe used Midjourney to generate an image for the same prompt. Midjourney was also used to generate several other stills for the short.

Step V: Time Lapse – Genmo

For one segment, Wolfe needed a time-lapse video shot – of a…


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